Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. Are all your products gluten free?

Yes they are.  Except the Milk Choc Rocky Road.

Q. Do you have dairy free products?

Yes we do.  Apple Berry Minis and Carrot and Ginger Minis/Petites.

Q.  Do you have Nutritional Panels for each of your products?

Yes, go to the Our Gallery and see under each product Product Specifications

Q. What products do you sell?

Go to Our Gallery and see all our products listed.

Q. Do you have any nut free products?

No.  We use peanuts and other tree nuts in the kitchen.

Q. I have other allergies, can I eat your products?

Refer to our Allergy Matrix Table

Q. Why do gluten free products need to be on the top shelf of our cake cabinet?

This prevents crumbs from other products that are not gluten free being dropped on gluten free products, if, they are placed on the second shelf.  it is recommended to use coloured tongs that are dedicated to handling gluten free products.

Q. What does 'low gluten' mean?

'Low gluten' term is used to show that this product is produced in a gluten environment. It is not a gluten free product.  If you are very sensitive to gluten this could be an issue.

Q. Do you sell mixed boxes of product?


Q. Do you sell your 'Tasting Boxes' ?

Yes, for $???? per box (small samples in Tasting Box) it is pickup price and needs to pre-arrangement. (Subject to availability at the time)  *Does not include Christmas range.  If you are a potential business customer wanting to sample our products for your cafe, deli, health food store, there is no charge. 

Q. Is your kitchen only used to cook gluten free?

Yes. We are a dedicated gluten free kitchen.

Q. Who stocks your gluten free products?

Go to Get in Touch and send us a message.

Q. Why should I stock your gluten free range in my cafe?

We pride ourselves in using high quality ingredients, producing a quality hand crafted gluten free product to your cake cabinet.  Feedback from our customers has been said, "a great tasting and presentable product, that is hard to believe that it is gluten free".  Go to What They Say About Us.

Q. Are you open to the public to buy your product?

We are in the process of opening our doors to the public very soon.

Q. Are you open weekends or Public Holidays?

No. Below is Queensland Public Holiday closures.

Calendar Year Holidays - 2019

New Years Day
Australia Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Labour Day
Royal QLD Show (Brisbane Only)
Queen's Birthday
Christmas Day
Boxing Day